Freshwater mussels: Search for resettlement habitats and evaluation of protection measures

Süßwassermuscheln: Suche nach Auswilderungshabitaten und Evaluation der Schutzmaßnahmen

The workshop aims to present latest techniques and methods for identification and characterization of suitable mussel habitats, identifying indicators for optimal habitats for resettlement of endangered freshwater mussels. To develop a more generalized decision tool it is very important to identify best habitats or analyze efficient and cost effective restoration measures to improve potential habitats. For the prospects of success to establish functional mussel stocks in natural waters suitable methods for evaluation of both, protective and resettlement measures are essential. During the workshop different approaches of a decision tool as well as evaluation methods are to be presented and discussed. The workshop focuses on following issues: 

1. Adaptation of Freshwater mussels to their habitats / ecology of Freshwater mussels 

2. Quantitative characterization and assessment / evaluation of mussel habitats 

3. Nutritional requirements of Freshwater mussels 

4. Selection of habitats for resettlement 

5. Evaluation of resettlement activities 

6. Significance of global warming for freshwater mussels 

Akademie der Sächsischen Landesstiftung Natur und Umwelt
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